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IBPS Clerk Syllabus - Prelims & Mains

For those who are looking for a complete IBPS Clerk syllabus this is the right place. This article will help you with complete details of the exam starting with the exam pattern and covering the detailed exam syllabus.

IBPS Clerk Syllabus 2021

IBPS Clerk Syllabus For Prelims Exam

The IBPS Clerk Syllabus consists of three subjects.

The three main subjects of IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination are as follows:

  1. English Language
  2. Reasoning Ability
  3. Numerical Ability

The Detailed Syllabus for IBPS Clerk Preliminary examination is as follows:

English Language

Reading ComprehensionSentence Improvement
Cloze TestsPara-jumbles
Fill in the blanksParagraph Based Questions
Sentence ErrorsInappropriate Usage
Vocabulary based questionsIdioms & Phrases

Reasoning Ability

PuzzlesMachine Input-Output
Seating ArrangementsInequalities
Direction SenseAlpha-Numeric-Symbol Series
Blood RelationsData Sufficiency
SyllogismsNumber System and Conversions
Order and RankingLogical Reasoning

Numerical Ability

Data InterpretationSpeed Distance and Time
InequalitiesProbability, Permutation and Combination
Number SeriesMensuration
Approximation and SimplificationAverage, Ratio and Proportion
Data SufficiencyPartnership
HCF and LCMProblems on Boats and Streams
Profit and LossProblems on Trains
SI & CIMixture and Alligation
Problem on AgesPipes and Cisterns
Work and Time 

IBPS Clerk Syllabus For Mains Exam

As per the IBPS Clerk mains syllabus, the paper is divided into four sections

The four subjects are as follows:

  1. English Language
  2. Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude
  3. Numerical Ability
  4. General & Financial Awareness

English Language

Reading ComprehensionSentence Improvement
Cloze TestsPara-jumbles
Fill in the blanksParagraph Based Questions
Sentence ErrorsInappropriate Usage
Vocabulary based questionsIdioms & Phrases

Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude

PuzzlesNumber System and Conversions
Seating ArrangementsInput-Output
Direction SenseBasics of Hardware and software,
Blood RelationsWindows operating system basics,
SyllogismsInternet terms and services,
Order and RankingBasic Functionalities of MS-Office( MS-word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint)
Coding-DecodingHistory of computers,
Machine Input-OutputNetworking and communication,
InequalitiesDatabase basics,
Alpha-Numeric-Symbol SeriesBasics of Hacking,
Data SufficiencySecurity Tools and
Logical ReasoningViruses

Numerical Ability

Data InterpretationWork and Time
InequalitiesSpeed Distance and Time
Number SeriesProbability, Permutation and Combination
Approximation and SimplificationMensuration
Data SufficiencyAverage, Ratio and Proportion
HCF and LCMPartnership
Profit and LossProblems on Boats and Streams
SI & CIProblems on Trains
Problem on AgesMixture and Alligation
Pipes and Cisterns 

General & Financial Awareness

Banking AwarenessBudget and Monetary Plans of the Government
Financial AwarenessKey National Institutions
Government Schemes and PoliciesBasics of Banking
Current AffairsStatic GK
Static AwarenessAwards & Honours
India’s Financial and Banking SystemLatest Appointments
Important Days 

IBPS Clerk Prelims Preparation Strategy

Section-wise preparation strategy for IBPS Clerk Prelims exam are as follows:

IBPS CLERK Prelims Preparation Strategy For English Language Section:

  • This section consists of fill-in-the-blanks, para-jumble, word usage, error spotting, reading comprehension, etc.
  • Usually, around 8-10 questions will be based on comprehension, while the other 20-22 questions will be based on the other topics mentioned.
  • It is important that you prepare for this section by reading regularly. Reading newspapers, editorials, books, etc can help build up your grammar as well as vocabulary.
  • You need to be thorough on the usage of verbs and their different forms, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, etc. in different sentences.
  • For IBPS Clerk Prelims Preparation, reading at least two articles in the newspaper daily is advised. This can help you achieve a good score in the English Language section.

IBPS CLERK Prelims Preparation Strategy For Numerical Ability Section:

  • Simplification or approximation questions form a very major portion of this section. Remember that the prelims exam is only a qualifying exam for the Mains exam. So, having a fast calculation speed is an important requirement for this section.
  • You should be well acquainted with the multiplication tables and squares and cubes of the first 30 natural numbers. There will also be miscellaneous individual questions based on topics like Profit and Loss, Time and Speed, Time and Work, Simple and Compound Interest, Mensuration, etc..
  • You should be well versed with the formulas and basic concepts of these topics. Along with these, there will be Data Interpretation (DI) questions like table, pie chart, bar graphs, caselets, etc.. The table or graph will be followed by 4-5 questions based on the data given. The more number of questions you practice in this section, the better your chances of scoring a good score.

IBPS CLERK Prelims Preparation Strategy For Reasoning Ability Section:

  • The common topics in the reasoning section are Puzzles (Arrangement based sets of questions), Syllogism, Blood Relations, Coding-Decoding, Inequalities, etc..
  • The basic thing required to answer the questions of this section correctly is understanding the logic well.
  • Read the puzzles thoroughly and note down (or draw diagrams if required) as you do so.
  • Do not rush while reading the question, as a simple or silly reading mistake could lead to the whole set of puzzles getting solved wrong. Practice as many questions as possible to score well in the reasoning section.

Takeaways for IBPS Clerk Prelims Preparation Strategy:

  • Read articles and newspapers regularly to improve your grammar and vocabulary and to score well in the English Language section.
  • Learn short tricks for the Quantitative Aptitude questions. Practice such tricks over and over to get a good grip on them.
  • For Reasoning questions, try to develop tricks for specific topics like blood relations, coding and decoding, etc..
  • Do not use a calculator while solving quantitative questions even if you feel like it. Using the calculator now can make you unable to solve even easy calculations during the exam.
  • Practice as many questions as possible. Try to develop an understanding of your strong and weak areas so that you can work on them and approach the questions in the exam accordingly.
  • Once you are done studying topics individually, switch to practicing mock tests. Time-bound practice will help you and make you better prepared for the real exam.

All Things Considered

Since there will be only 1 hour and 100 questions to answer, so do not waste much time on a single question. If you feel that you are unable to solve a question, move to the next one and review the previous later if some time is left. Prioritize your time according to the topics on which you are confident. Try to answer correctly at least 85-90% of the questions to secure a place in the Mains exam. Carry your IBPS Clerk prelims preparation on full swing with our free materials. All the best and stay tuned for more updates on exams!


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How much does an IBPS Clerk make?

In IBPS, a Clerk’s basic pay is Rs.11765.

When will the IBPS Clerk exam cut-off be announced? +

Along with the scorecard, the IBPS Clerk cut-off is released. Candidates will be able to see both the sectional and overall cut-off marks for their respective categories.

What exactly does an IBPS clerk do? +

Documentation and back-office work are the key responsibilities of an IBPS Clerk. Verifying documents and countersigning cheques and bank drafts are also part of the job description.

Can a candidate apply for the IBPS Clerk exam after passing class 12th? +

No, after passing class 12th, a candidate cannot apply for the IBPS Clerk examination. To apply for the exam, a candidate must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.

How many times can you take the IBPS Clerk exam? +

The IBPS Clerk test does not have a set number of attempts. A candidate may apply for as long as he or she is qualified for the examination.

Is there any negative marking in the IBPS Clerk exam? +

Yes, for each incorrectly marked response, 0.25 points are deducted. Because the prelims and mains computer-based examinations have negative marking, candidates must be extremely cautious while answering questions.

How many Vacancies are announced for IBPS Clerk 2021 Recruitment +

As per the IBPS Clerk 2021 notification released by IBPS, 5830 IBPS Clerk Vacancies are announced.

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